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Top 10 Kiosk Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Kiosks are revolutionizing industries across the board with their ability to change the way consumers interact with brands. Be it in retail, financial services, hospitality or even the entertainment industry, kiosks offer many benefits to companies looking to enhance their overall revenue. Not only do these technologies allow organizations to expand their customer base by attracting more consumers, but they can also help improve sales, build greater brand identity, generate higher ROI, and enhance the overall customer buying experience.

Kiosks provide consumers with all the information they need about products and services offered by a company. They seamlessly visit a kiosk for inquiries such as product pricing, availability, and feature comparison, helping them save time and effort. These factors promote brand loyalty among customers as they enjoy an enhanced buying experience through kiosks. From an organizational standpoint, kiosks allow companies to better understand end-user requirements through feedback, and offer more services with minimal to zero up-front investment on costly managerial resources.

However, to ensure optimum results, organizations need to place these kiosks at strategic locations and ensure that the technology they are using serves the purpose as opposed to just being cutting-edge. Companies need to first understand what kind of kiosk they need, what they intend to use it for, identify their target audience, and mark places with large numbers. This approach increases revenue opportunities by expanding the customer base which increases the potential for the retailer to sell more products. Kiosks can also play a pivotal role in retail expansion as it provides a cost-effective method to expand reach and generate more sales. For this, companies need a partner or a kiosk service provider who can guide them through these questions and ensure optimum results.

We present to you the “Top 10 Kiosk Consulting/Services Companies - 2020”

    Top Kiosk Consulting/Services Companies

  • By supporting developers to design-in accessibility and usability at the beginning of self-service system development, Tech for All (TFA) is rethinking self-service kiosks creation and development as an opportunity to create an inclusive technological experience for all users, including those with disabilities. Operating as a well-rounded consulting firm, the company provides comprehensive services for digital assets including integrated hardware and software products (e.g., kiosks, standalone point-of-sale systems, software applications and websites). The company serves a diverse clients base in transportation, financial, retail, publishing, higher education (both institutions & technology providers), distributions of goods & services, technology, and others.

  • ARBA Retail Systems

    ARBA Retail Systems

    ARBA Retail Systems, founded in the Chicago Metropolitan area in 1984, is a leading provider of Point of Sale (POS), Inventory Control, Cafeteria & Coffee Bar Management Systems with Employee Payroll Deductions, accounts receivable, draw-down accounts, credit & debit card processing, Gift Cards and customer loyalty programs. Headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, ARBA Retail Systems serves thousands of healthcare facilities, corporations, independently operated retail businesses, and retail chains throughout the USA and Canada. The ARBA Suite of products is developed on Microsoft’s .NET SQL solution framework. ARBA product designers make use of Cloud Computing to build and deliver next generation applications.

  • D&K Engineering

    D&K Engineering

    D&K Engineering provides Total Commercialization Solutions® for products and instruments that have high innovation content and complex manufacturing lifecycles. Their capabilities span the entire product lifecycle, including requirements definition, systems architecture, concept creation, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and after-market support. From Fortune 100 to early-stage startups, clients leverage D&K’s infrastructure and TCS approach to evolve hardware, systems and product ideas through all development stages and into stable manufacturing. The firm’s experience-driven engineering, manufacturing and supply chain services get products to market faster with a lower overall cost of development, providing a significant competitive advantage for their customers.

  • Digital Design Services, Inc.

    Digital Design Services, Inc.

    Digital Design Services is a cutting edge interactive multimedia and motion graphics developer based in the Midwest. They have projects that have literally crossed the entire globe. The firm’s Core Services include Digital Video Production, Interactive Exhibits & Touchscreen Kiosks, Digital Signage and Interactive Displays, and Web Site Design & Development. At Digital Design Services they go an extra mile to ensure a smooth and flawless experience on client’s computer platform of choice, whether PC or Mac. Their team of professionals is constantly in search of new promising technology, which will make the client’s interactives and exhibits better.

  • EyeCatch Networks

    EyeCatch Networks

    EyeCatch Networks is a company focused on integrating Digital Signage networks through tailored, targeted, educational, entertainment and advertising content developed to enhance business communication efforts. The firm empowers business professionals in various industries with a dynamic communication channel to close the gap between businesses and their target market allowing them to: Brand their image, market their products & services, enhance experiences, educate and deepen dialog with their audience. EyeCatch offers an innovative service for businesses to communicate their message through a digital and dynamic format. Their service includes the creation, development, and management of custom-made content for different industries.

  • Ideum


    Ideum is a creative company focused on using emerging technologies to design and build public installations and products that lead to memorable visitor experiences. Ideum’s multidisciplinary team of inter­active exhibit developers includes industry pro­fes­sion­als from a diverse set of back­grounds, including designers, programmers, exhibit fabricators, and experts in a range of educational and scientific fields. The firm has developed interactive exhibits that utilize emerging technologies such as: touch tables, tangible object interfaces, projection mapping, video walls, LED lighting, and a variety of electronic components. Their holistic approach to design, technology, and the visitor experience sets Ideum apart from other companies.

  • Intagleo Systems

    Intagleo Systems

    Established in 2004 and headquartered in Slough UK, Intagleo Systems specializes in Risk Free Outsourcing. Whether you need to develop a new product or are looking to maintain an existing one; Intagleo offers a one stop solution with the help of a dedicated team. At Intagleo they work hand-in-hand with their customers and help them streamline their software development processes; improve efficiency in the IT department and achieve high standards while keeping their risks and costs very low. With offices in Sunnyvale California and Slough UK, the firm helps organizations to build, roll out and support software applications at all levels.

  • Olea Kiosks

    Olea Kiosks

    At Olea, they go beyond producing kiosks that simply meet the client’s technical requirements. They engineer self-service solutions that enhance clients’ brands and complement any space where they are implemented. From its humble beginnings to the company’s 48,000-square-foot campus in Southern California, Olea continues to be driven by the founder’s innovative spirit. The firm’s old-fashioned commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and service remains as they continue to redefine what self-service can achieve for their customers. The following in-house departments work together to consistently deliver attentive customer service and innovative kiosks that comply with their strict quality control guidelines.

  • Prism Technologies Inc.

    Prism Technologies Inc.

    Prism's double-sided 4-in-1 Kiosk combines and easy-to-deploy Kiosk with Digitial Signage, Interactive Event Guide, PhotoBooth with face-lock technology for usage metrics, a 20-device Charging Station, and a Sponsor / Social Media display. The Tradeshow Wayfinder and Facility Wayfinder products from Prism Technologies, integrate interactive digital way finding maps, and drill down information on show, sessions, facility, and city through compelling rich media, 3D, date driven content, and a proven technology platform. This eco-friendly technology reduces the need for printed materials. Their 3D-without-glasses solution provides the WOW especially for museums and medical animations.

  • PTG


    Promotion Technology Group (PTG) designs, installs and services commercial audio, video and interactive experiences that build customer engagement in all settings – nationwide. As a certified woman-owned business, PTG are the leading supplier of integrated technology for some of the world’s most prestigious brands. From system design to product procurement, logistics, installation and technical service, they do it all. Whether the clients are frustrated from prior programs, or simply unsure about who will be accountable to make sure they get the right experience, content, usability, performance and results-they want to know that someone has their back and PTG is their trusted resource.